ISO 37001:2016 Internal Auditor Training Course

Learning objectives:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

 Initiate, prepare and conduct the audit activities

  Prepare and distribute the audit report

  Complete the audit

  Perform audit follow-up activities

  Explain the principles of auditing; and the principles of auditing to ISO 37001:2016

SIS Certifications approach fast tracks learning, improves knowledge retention and ensures you get the skills to apply your knowledge straight away. Practical activities will accompany each of the key steps involved in the anti-bribery management audit process. This course involves practical activities, and classroom learning to help you develop a deeper understanding of the material and have a greater impact on job performance.

Who should attend?

Anyone with duty for anti-bribery management, including:

 All employees who’re/could be coordinating anti-bribery management gadget internal audit sports within your organization
 People who are responsible for auditing the anti-bribery management system inside their organization.

Internal Auditor Training Benefits:

 Nurture the skill-set you need to be an internal auditor and bring added value to the internal audit process
 Develop the skills to deliver internal audits for your organization and improve your knowledge of anti-bribery management systems
 Enable your organization to remain conform to the international standard for Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ISO 37001)

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